Last few parties have been amazing, THANKYOU!

Last party, November 18th, was soooooo much fun.  It was nice to see so many couples coming out to watch the stage show and have fun.  I bet we had atleast 8 sets of couples out drinking and getting to know the ladies.  Our dancers for the night were Kimber Haven, Raven Roxx, Wendy Williams, Kim Heart, Ms. Victoria, and Britney Love.


It was also nice to see so many CD/TV/TG in the house who came out to support the night.  I forget the one young lady who drove from Nashville but she was so pretty and seemed to really hit it off with a couple 🙂

The couch dances, drinks, and party was fun and of course Raven and Kimber were social butterflies and really turned it out.  They had Thor Johnson from NC and Lexis Steele with them who were tipping the dancers and having fun.  Also out to support the show was the beautiful Latin beauty Mia Milan and the big boob Allanah Allure!

Next party is December 2nd, see you there!


Wendy and Kim Heart Wendy and Raven Roxx Wendy and Kimber Haven Raven, Kimber, and Wendy Wendy Williams